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I was just recently told by one of my co-workers of this documentary: Art & Copy. If you are someone in the advertising industry, this is definitely a documentary you want to watch. Advertising giants, like George Lois of Esquire Magazine, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy of Wieden and Kennedy, Lee Clow of TBWA and the mastermind behind Clow’s Beard, and many more give you their insights on the industry and the thought behind some of the greatest advertisements of all time.

This documentary shows us that every advertisement is, as put by George Lois, “poison gas”. It is suppose to make us feel a reaction, whether it makes you cry (like poison gas will make you do), laugh, or most importantly think.

Again if you have the time to watch this documentary, I suggest you do and always remember:

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Hello! Anyone Out There?

Hi followers,

Long time no see. Sorry for kind of abandoning you but:

Since my last post, I have landed an internship with an up and coming marketing agency, Cultur8. I work on the Jose Cuervo account, and for those who know me, can already see that this was a perfect match. We handle all POS materials for the brand and contribute to the overall brand rebuilding. Recently the focus has been on the launch of Cinge, a new cinnamon tequila.


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In addition to the work I do for the Jose Cuervo Account, I’m also the content curator of all social media accounts of Cultur8, if you want a fun and professional account to follow you should follow us, like us, and all that social media jargon on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Well that is what I have been up to the past 4 months and I promise to do these updates more often.

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Best Times to Post on SocialMedia

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It has been a while since my last post, sorry about that but the whole trying to graduate thing took priority. Well I’m back at it again, but I plan on taking a different approach this time. In addition to posting about advertising practices, I will also be informing you about my life post grad and my job quest.

Here is a cool infographic, courtesy of Social Caffeine, about the best times to post on Social Media. Hope you enjoy. 


11 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Leader via @DaveKerpen

Want to become a great leader? Follow these 11 steps by Likable CEO Dan Kerpen.

  1. Always Listen- True listeners always listen to what their consumers and employees have to say. This allows you to better understand the challenges that lay ahead and to better prepare for them.
  2. Storytelling- Key to a great sale know a days is how well you can tell a story. A great story causes action, whether it is customers, clients, or a board room of potential investors
  3. Be Authentic- A great leader is what he says he is nothing more. You have to be authentic, and people are more active in helping someone who us an authentic individual.
  4. Be Transparent- With the expanding world of social media and the internet, keeping secrets are becoming harder.
  5. Team Playing-  “Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” -SEAL Team Saying
  6. Respond- The best leaders respond to their consumers, staff and investors to show them that they care
  7. Adapt- A great leader can change with the fast changing market and turn problems into opportunities, and turn opportunities into results.
  8. Passion- “The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” -Steve Jobs  Having passion for the work you do, increases the quality of your work, and that passion trickles down through your staff. 
  9. Surprise and Delight- overachieving your goals surprises your clients and leaves them delighted to continue work in the future 
  10. Simplicity is Key- In the complex world we live in, consumers and staff are looking for simplicity, and it is your job as a leader to provide it.
  11. Be Grateful- be grateful to the people who work for you, because without them you would not be as successful as you are today

The most important rule of all: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Till next time, this is Frank Buttafarro and you have been informed

Tips for Toys for Tots


Tips for Toys for Tots

Great opportunity to give back to those kids that need it the most:

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