I was just recently told by one of my co-workers to watch this documentary: Art & Copy. If you are someone in the advertising industry, this is definitely a documentary you want to watch. Advertising giants, like George Lois of Esquire Magazine, Dan Wieden and David Kennedy of Wieden and Kennedy, Lee Clow of TBWA and the mastermind behind Clow’s Beard, and many more give you their insight on the industry and thought that went into some of the greatest advertisements of all time.

This documentary shows us that every advertisement is, as put by George Lois “poison gas”. It is suppose to make us feel a reaction when watching the advertisements. Whether that is to make you cry (like poison gas will make you do), laugh, or most importantly think.

Again if you have the time to watch this documentary, I suggest you do. An always remember:

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#TMA20: The Recap

Hi Followers,

Just got back from the Dallas, where we were celebrating, The Marketing Arm’s 20th birthday celebration (Happy Birthday again TMA). It would be an understatement to say that they went above and beyond while celebrating their 20th birthday. When we first got there, we went into a big hall to listen to great speakers talk about how to succeed in our industry. We learned a lot about the culture that went into making TMA the great that they are today. Next Roy Spence gave an amazing keynote that kept the crowd entertained and even a little teary eyed, myself included (see video below).

The key take away I got from Roy Spence’s keynote was always build up your strengths, instead of focusing on your weaknesses, that way you will be great at something, then being mediocre at a bunch of things.

Or as put better by Ron Swanson:

After Roy Spence’s keynote address, is when the real fun began. We broke out into different sessions, and the one I took was Guitar class that was taught by Daniel Rocha (seriously you need to listen to him, which will be in a playlist below [with other great tunes]). My second sessions was Improv comedy, which is a great way to get to know your co-workers.

After we came back from our sessions, Ray Clark brought us back to the same room where the opening keynote was to give a speech himself. They brought up this idea called “the Pool” which was a crowdsource funding plan, with the help from Crowd Tilt, to help his employees pursue their dreams. Ray showed why he is the great leader that made TMA what it is today, and rewarded those who helped him do it (his employees).

At the end of the night TMA really went over the top and took us all out to a Bon Jovi Concert (who still rocks that stage at the age of 50). We spent three hours rocking out to Bon Jovi classics. You would think that this would cap off the night, but the night was still young. TMA took their employees that still had it in them for a open bar (well kind off, but with all else they offer you cant really complain) extravaganza. That was the end of the night (TMA sponsored portion of it).

As promised here is the playlist to recap the night:

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