11 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Leader via @DaveKerpen

Want to become a great leader? Follow these 11 steps by Likable CEO Dan Kerpen.

  1. Always Listen- True listeners always listen to what their consumers and employees have to say. This allows you to better understand the challenges that lay ahead and to better prepare for them.
  2. Storytelling- Key to a great sale know a days is how well you can tell a story. A great story causes action, whether it is customers, clients, or a board room of potential investors
  3. Be Authentic- A great leader is what he says he is nothing more. You have to be authentic, and people are more active in helping someone who us an authentic individual.
  4. Be Transparent- With the expanding world of social media and the internet, keeping secrets are becoming harder.
  5. Team Playing-  “Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” -SEAL Team Saying
  6. Respond- The best leaders respond to their consumers, staff and investors to show them that they care
  7. Adapt- A great leader can change with the fast changing market and turn problems into opportunities, and turn opportunities into results.
  8. Passion- “The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” -Steve Jobs  Having passion for the work you do, increases the quality of your work, and that passion trickles down through your staff. 
  9. Surprise and Delight- overachieving your goals surprises your clients and leaves them delighted to continue work in the future 
  10. Simplicity is Key- In the complex world we live in, consumers and staff are looking for simplicity, and it is your job as a leader to provide it.
  11. Be Grateful- be grateful to the people who work for you, because without them you would not be as successful as you are today

The most important rule of all: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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Tips for Toys for Tots


Tips for Toys for Tots

Great opportunity to give back to those kids that need it the most:

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Brands Jump on Board the Instragram “Brand” Wagon.

In a quarterly study done by Simply Measured, Brands have been jumping on the Instagram “brand” wagon in the last quarter. Here are a summary of the reports findings. 

  • Brands are more active- 41% of brands post a minimum of 1 photo a week, up 7% from last year
  • Engagement is up- Engagement is up an amazing 35%. Brands have received over 4,800 engagements (likes, comments, etc…) on average for each photo they post.
  • Brands now have an audience- The number of brands with at least 100k followers has increased from 8 to 10. 26%of brands have a following of at least 10,000.
  • Cross Promotion- 98% percent of all photos shared by brands on Instagram are shared on Facebook. These photos have see a 30% increase quarter to quarter.

What do you feel is Instagram’s greatest value to brands? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy via Likeable Media

ImageLikable Media posted an article on their blog,3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Content Strategy in 2013 by Michele Weisman, I would like to give my take on this really interesting article. First off I would like to say that this article is a great read for any business trying to get their social media presence up and running. Likeable Media is truly an expert at their craft, and i mean that honestly, and this article reflects that.

To get into the content of the article; Michele states that the 3 tips that companies have to focus on are:

  1. Engage– Companies should focus on changing their monologue into a dialogue. Engaging with consumer allows you, as stated by Michele, “put the consumer in the center of your strategy.”
  2. Respond– Responding allows you to avoid a crisis and turn problems into solutions. Not responding to your consumers shows that you do not care and that becomes visible to your consumers.
  3. Be Visual- This tip kind of reinforces tip one. This is a way for a company to show their brand voice through images and engagement. If you stick to text and text only you give off the notion that your brand is a bland and boring brand. By adding pictures or questions to the text, a company can show that it is sociable and fun.    

I think that all these are great steps that are constantly overlooked by big businesses, especially the first 2.

Think Likeable got it right? Have any tips of your own? Leave a comment below.

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Racial Differences Among Social Media Usage

Pew Research center recently did a study examining which races and ethnicity use which types social media. Here are the results

  • African Americans are the most active on Twitter. 26 percent of African Americans use Twitter as opposed to 19 and 14 percent for Hispanic and Whites respectively.
  • Twitter usage as a whole is increasing. All of the numbers mentioned above are an increase from the same study that was conducted in 2010. African American usage doubled in that time span, while white users nearly tripled from 5 percent to 14 percent. Hispanics showed the smallest increase, 1 percent
  • Urban areas value Twitter. 20 percent of people living in urban areas use Twitter. as compared to 14 percent by suburbs and 12 percent by rural areas.
  • African Americans and Hispanics are also the most active on Instagram. 23 percent of African Americans and 18 percent of Hispanics use Instagram, as compared to 11 percent of whites.
  • Tumblr among the least favorite. Despite being around for more than 5 years, Tumblr is only used by 6 percent of those surveyed for the study.
  • Pinterest a favorite among white social media users. 18 percent of whites user Pinterest, which is equal to the usage African Americans and Hispanics combined.
  • Pinterest also a favorite among the financially secure. 41 percent of people who make over $50,0000 use Pinterest, while just 10 percent of people who make under $30,000 it.
  • Everyone and their grandmother uses Facebook, seriously. 35 percent of people 65 and older use Facebook.

Why is this important to know?  This makes media planning a little easier when you know where your target market is. If you are planning a campaign for African Americans and  Hispanics you will know to focus on Twitter and Instagram and not so much on Pinterest.

Till next time this is Frank Buttafarro, and you have been informed.

P.S  You can find a full summary on the report at AdAge, http://adage.com/article/digital/pew-study-blacks-index-twitter-whites-pinterest/239810/